The music used in At The River consists predominately of old and familiar hymn tunes of Scottish, English and Welsh roots dating from the 1600 to 1800’s. They are the beloved hymns that the ministers (and Carolyn) grew up singing. Aaron Price interpreted the tunes for us in his tender way and the music undergirds, intensifies and steers the deeply-felt emotional quality of the film. All of the hymn tunes for At The River were recorded at Seclusion Hill Music studio in Asheville, NC.

Jesus Loves The Little Children” was performed by Ashleigh Phillips. She was joined by Carolyn in singing this children’s Sunday School song. Listening to the words, it is unbelievable that we sang it as little kids in the racist First Presbyterian Church in Montgomery, AL.

At the end of the film Rose Johnson sings “Precious Lord Take My Hand”. This was recorded in a studio in Tucson, AZ years ago. She was the choir director at Southside Presbyterian Church for 25 years and Carolyn’s greatest thrill was accompanying her sometimes on the hammond organ.

Aaron Price
Music Director

Aaron has been making music in Asheville since 1997. He played in the Appalachian State University jazz band and began writing songs. After college Aaron moved to Asheville where he opened Collapseable Recording Studio. He has directed music for numerous regional musical theater productions and serves as Music Director at Black Mountain Presbyterian Church.