Here is a recommended reading list for those interested in learning more about the topics and discussions covered in the At The River project.

Joel Alvis: Religion and Race (1994)
Wendell Berry: The Hidden Wound (1989)
Malcolm Calhoun: With Staff In Hand (1996)
William Campbell: The Stem Of Jesse (1995)
David Chappell: A Stone Of Hope (2004)
Jim Chatham: Sundays Down South (1999)
David Collins: When The Church Bell Rang Racist (1998)
James McBride Dabbs: Who Speaks For The South? (1964); Haunted By God (1972)
Lucius Dubose: Re-imagining God (2010)
James Findlay: Church People In The Struggle (1993)
Margaret Gladney: A Lillian Smith Reader (2016)
Robert Graetz: A White Preacher’s Memoir (1998)
Jeffrey Hadden: The Gathering Storm In The Churches (1969)
Hugh Halverstadt: Managing Church Conflict (1991)
Stephen Haynes: The Last Segregated Hour (2012)
Samuel Hill: Southern Churches In Crisis (1999)
Jane Hines: The Bob Walkup Storybook (1995)
Joseph Howell: Civil Rights Journey (2011)
Elaine Lechtreck: Southern White Ministers And The Civil Rights Movement (2018)
William McAtee: Transformed (2011)
Robert McNeill: Prophet Speak Now (1961); God Wills Us Free (1965)
Charles Marsh: God’s Long Summer (1997); The Last Days (2004); The Beloved Community (2005)
Martin Marty: What’s Ahead For The Churches? (1964)
Phillip Noble: Beyond the Burning Bus (2003)
Dunbar Ogden: My Father Said Yes (2008)
Mark Pryor: Faith, Grace, And Heresy (2002)
Don Shriver: The Unsilent South (1965)
Lillian Smith: Killers Of The Dream (1949)
Nibs Stroup: While We Run This Race (1995)
Ron White: Liberty And Justice For All (1990)